Webcall License by Prodys

Webcall License by Prodys


When a radio station needs to interview a celebrity or a regular contributor from home, a problem arises: either
use the poor quality of telephone audio for the interview or send them expensive professional equipment that they
either don’t know how to use or need the assistance of a specialist technician. The WEBCALL function of Prodys
has been designed to break this dilemma.

The WEBCALL function allows a two-way quality audio connection to be established between a QLST unit installed in the station and any HTML5-enabled web browser running on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

This function allows the sharing of a temporary link that can be reused many times or discarded after use, depending on the broadcaster’s needs.

This function uses the Prodys BRAVE protocol to allow direct connection without shared servers and their inherent complexity. This protocol also provides transmission error correction tools, making it the ideal tool for
working on unreliable networks.



WEBCALL is a license that is installed on QLST units and does not require any special hardware. To date, QLST is the only model in the Quantum family that supports this license.

The number of simultaneous codecs supported shall be included in the license. If the QLST has a dual mono license and WEBCALL with value 2, a single QLST can accept two simultaneous WEBCALL calls. If the QLST is licensed as dual mono and WEBCALL with a value of 1, the second mono codec of the QLST is available for connection to a Quantum Lite or any other Quantum family device.

NOTE: The use of a headset is recommended when using a smartphone for the WEBCALL call.


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