Due to the pandemic times we are experiencing and due to the restrictions that we experience daily as a result, streaming has become an even more indispensable tool… For this reason, and due to the growth of interest, on the part of customers, in knowing more about this area, today we see 3 good console options for streaming!



ATEM MINI is quick to set up and easy to use. This switcher includes four HDMI inputs with standard conversion, USB webcam output, FairLight audio mixer with EQ and dynamics, DVE for picture-in-picture, transition effects, chroma key for green screens, media pool with up to 20 frames for titles and free ATEM Software Control.


#2 LivePro L1

The LivePro L1 enables low-cost, multi-camera live production with advanced streaming capabilities. Equipped with 4-channel HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output, all supporting 1080p. For live streaming there is a USB3.0 interface. For audio, it has 2 interfaces, one for input and one for output. All of this makes it easy to create professional multicamera productions. It is capable of transmitting any of the 4 HDMI inputs to any live streaming platform via third party live streaming software such as OBS. This console has a screen that allows you to view on the console what is being transmitted to the platforms.

#3 Mini

The mini makes the sophisticated simple. Allows you to switch between any of the four HDMI inputs and output for HDMI and the dedicated USB 3.0 output. The mini is equally ideal for live streaming applications and presentations, allowing multiple sources to be utilized. Built-in features include PIP, transition effects and external audio embedding. Its large buttons facilitate quick actions, while the T-bar provision allows for a smooth transition between sources, whether they are cameras or graphics. Compact in size, the mini goes anywhere and comes with handy features like the ability to mount to 1/4” UNC accessories. Standard. It has a screen that allows you to view on the console what is being transmitted to the platforms.


These are, in our opinion, three good options to invest when looking for a good streaming console.

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