Q&A: I need an audio mixing console for my auditorium! How do I choose the most suitable one?

Q&A: I need an audio mixing console for my auditorium! How do I choose the most suitable one?



I need an audio mixing console for my auditorium; How do I choose the most suitable one?


When buying an audio mixing console, you should take into account several factors, in order to buy something that will meet your needs in the medium-long term.

One of the first aspects that you usually think about is, right from the start, the price. It is important to establish an initial budget, however, we should not always choose the cheapest solution, as sometimes the near future is not taken into account, we only think about today, ending up compromising other necessary and essential factors for growth .


When buying a mixer, we should always assess the needs we have, answering the following questions:

 – How many channels will we need to connect everything we need?

If, for example, we need 16 channels, our advice is to buy a mixer with 24 channels; We should not buy equipment to use at or near the limit, as we are going to grow and, as soon as the investment is made, it will quickly become insufficient, no longer able to meet the initial need, causing it to be limited right away…

– How many monitor lines do we need to distribute to our musicians and singers?

Shared monitoring is not always a good solution, as it can bring discomfort and conflicts for musicians and singers. So, we move on to the next question:

– How many aux do we need?

– Do we want effects for voices and instruments? If so, we should buy a table with effects, then add some aux in the previous question…


If you want to make the sound even more professional, it will be necessary for the table to come equipped with tools such as: compressors, gates, equalizers, among others…

The more tools you want on a mixer, more practical and economical it is if you opt for a digital mixer. However, if you only need the basics, we recommend the analog mixer that will be more economical and will meet all your needs.

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