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Equipment Sale

Sonopro Group sells audiovisual equipment in the professional area of sound, lighting, multimedia, streaming and broadcast (radio & TV)

Audiovisual Production

We rent equipment and do audiovisual production. We produce with excellence and availability, guaranteeing an exemplary final result.

Repair & Maintenance

Our team believe that all equipment has a second chance. We repair and maintain audiovisual equipment.

Our Values

What is it like to work with us?


Working with Sonopro Group means making sure that we are surrounded by a competent and qualified team, with unparalleled availability, where they will always be ready to listen and try to find the best solutions to present to their customers. We like to maintain close relationships, following your choices and achieving your goals. We work together from idea to final project!


Latest Posts


SYNCHRONIZATION OF AUDIO WITH VIDEO Today the theme is about: Synchronization of audio with video, something that might seem very complicated to solve at first glance, but which is quite simple when using the right equipment… Audio to video sync (AV sync, also known as lip sync, or for lack of it: lip sync error), […]

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HOW TO CHOOSE A VIDEO PROJECTOR? We know how difficult it can be to choose a video projector … Sometimes the buyer feels lost and does not know how to evaluate the right video projector for his space! Nowadays there is a lot of supply, which makes the decision complicated. Today we are going to […]

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